March 28, 2014
by wink
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Because Spring is here (well, almost). Because I wake up happy every day, and because I want to share that happiness with you all. Because I value you all so much, for leaving nice comments on my blog. Because there is always something that can make you happy. And just because! Who needs a reason for a giveaway anyway ;)

Today you get a chance to win all of these goodies! :)

First up, a lovely knitting pattern from Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch! It’s not hard to make, even for inexperienced knitters (she promised) and honestly, it’s pretty much the best poncho I’ve ever seen.


Second is a crochet pattern from Annette from My Rose Valley, the well-known Nordic Shawl! I’m still a little embarrassed that I haven’t made it myself yet. One of the best shawl patterns out there!


Third up, this lovely package of buttons from The Button Shack! It has 8 large clown buttons, 8 humungous flower buttons, a rainbow pack with 100 buttons and a 120g bag mixture of shape buttons. Try reading that sentence out loud. Saying ‘buttons’ that many times in a row makes you happy for sure!


And last but certainly not least, the grooviest thing I encountered whilst at Unravel: knit and crochet temporary tattoos from TillyFlop Designs!


All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this blog post, saying what makes you happy these days.

Giveaway is open worldwide, and runs till next week (April 4th).

Good luck everyone, have a great weekend! :)


March 27, 2014
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summer hearts mandala pattern & CAL!


Yes, you read that correctly: today I’m releasing a new mandala pattern, AND there will be a CAL! :D

The pattern is my Summer Hearts Mandala, which I designed for Simply Crochet magazine last year. The pattern has 11 pages and features large, clear photos with step-by-step instructions. As usual it has a Cheat Sheet at the back (for quick reading, and to print out instead of the entire pattern).




It works up great with a 4mm hook and Drops Paris cotton yarn, but you could easily substitute those for your favourite yarn & hook combination!

You can get the summer hearts mandala crochet pattern from the usual suspects: my Ravelry shop, my Etsy shop, or my Craftsy shop.


And if you’d like to make the summer hearts mandala as part of a CAL, head on over to Lazy Daisy Jones and/or Chrissie Crafts; they are hosting a Mandala CAL on their blogs! :) You can choose to make one of my mandala patterns, but there are also links to other great patterns you can make. The sky is the limit people!

Have fun making those gorgeous mandalas; be sure to upload your pictures to Ravelry. I’d love to see! :)


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March 24, 2014
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shawl wars

Hello lovely people :)

Yes, shawl wars is upon us. Or rather, me. Because I can’t stick to having just a couple of WIPs going on at one time, no, I need to have at least a bazillion WIPs! And coincidentally, three of them are shawls. Currently they are all fighting for my attention, and so far there hasn’t been a winner (yet)!

Introducing you to contestant number one: the sea foam green lace weight Maia shawl!



The pattern is on Ravelry, and I’m working it up with a 5mm hook. It’s gorgeous and the pictures really don’t do this yarn from The Natural Dye Studio any justice; it’s much more stunning in real life! I’m loving all the sparkly bits, and I can’t wait to see this shawl grow and grow… It’s seemingly slow-going, but I’m sure that once I have finished & blocked this beauty, it will all be worth it! I try to work on it every day, just a few rows here and there.

On to contestant number two: the lovely leafy green sock yarn Gathering Leaves shawl!





Also on Ravelry, I’m working this up with a 3mm hook. I’m still deeply in love with this green specked yarn from Easy Knits, and so far this shawl has been growing at a steady rate. The rows require a lot of attention, so it’s not really quick to work up, but it is so much fun to see all the leaves form after another row done! This is the kind of pattern that makes you utter these words to your partner, who wants you to quit and do something else: ‘Just one more row…’ ;)

And then there is contestant number three. This is a newcomer to the pool, since there is only yarn, and I haven’t even chosen a pattern yet!




Here’s the deal. In a couple of weeks I have a wedding to attend to; a lovely wedding for which a nice crochet poncho would be perfect. This skein has been in my stash for a couple of months after I brought it home with me from a craft fair, and because it has such nice yardage (900ms/985yrds) it’s perfect for a lovely big poncho. The problem: I can’t decide on a pattern! I’m torn between this one, a pretty straight forward poncho but perfect for my gradient yarn to really shine; this one, which isn’t technically a poncho but can quickly become one; and this one, which is of course my own pattern, but would look lovely in gradient flowers and as a poncho!

If any of you can help me decide which poncho to make, I’d be more than grateful :)

And now to see which shawl finishes first… Let the shawl wars begin!


March 14, 2014
by wink
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made: knit headband

When I met Tanya from A Yarn Loving Mama at Unravel a couple of weeks ago, I was in awe of her fabulous knit headband. She made it herself (ofcourse) from hand spun yarn, and I just thought it was gorgeous!

A quick look through her blog upon my return later, and I found the pattern she used. I thought it was a little out of my league, since I can technically knit but nothing too fancy, so I kept browsing. And then I found this lovely pattern, written by Tanya herself! It involved knitting cables. I had never done that before, but since the pattern only had 6 rows to repeat and it didn’t really look all that difficult, I decided to teach myself how to knit cables! (because, really, that is the only thing to do when you’re home feeling a bit bleh and just don’t know what else to do; you knit!)

The surprising thing? It’s really easy! :)

knit headband

knit headband

knit headband

To knit this I used two 5mm wooden dpns (double pointed needles), a cable needle (you can use an extra dpn for this too if you don’t have one) and a small amount of yarn. I used Sarah’s hand spun she gifted me, and still have about half of the yarn left.

knit headband, yarn and needles

hand spun yarn

Once you get the hang of knitting the cable row, it really goes quite fast. There are only 20 stitches on your needles, so even the most slow knitters can finish this project in a day (like me!). It took me two afternoons to knit this up, and I simply cannot stop touching it! I’m still amazed at how knit cables work; they look so intricate, yet are so so simple to make. They create a very interesting fabric and when I look closely, I STILL can’t figure out how it works ;)

I think I made my headband with 18 or 20 pattern repeats, before I cast off and sewed the sides together. I don’t know if I have a big or a small head, but it fits me :)

wink wearing knit headband

wink wearing knit headband

Perfect headband for a hippie like me.